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Corn Mountain

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At some point after the Pueblo Rebellion of 1680 The Zuni moved up onto the top of "Corn Mountain", the Zuni Sacred Mesa. They lived up there for 10 years, trying to escape the re-invasion of the Spanish. They took all their animals with them. My guess is that there was a spring or well somewhere on top the mesa, where they got their water. The picture above was taken from the south side of the Pueblo of Zuni.

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Legend of Fetish Origins

It is a Zuni belief that the world was once covered by flood waters, leaving it very swampy. The Sun Father is held by the Zuni to be the giver of light and life. He had twin sons, who realized that humankind could not survive in this wet environment. They decided that the world needed to be dried. Sun Father had given the twins a bow(rainbow), arrows(lightning) and a magical shield. The twins placed the shield on the ground, crossed the arrows and rainbow upon it and fired an arrow into the middle of it. Lightning erupted everywhere, causing a huge fire. This dried the earth, but it also made it easy for the predator animals to catch and eat humans. In order to save humanity, the twins struck the predators with lightning, which burned and shrunk them into stone. Deep inside the stones the animals hearts were still alive. The animals were given the job of helping humans, with the magic in their hearts. When a Zuni comes upon a stone that looks naturally like an animal, the belief is that he has discovered one of the ancient stone predators.

Fetish Animals and their meanings

Divine Spirit, The Eagle
Gentleness, The Deer
Power of the Soul, The Bear
Life, Death, Rebirth, The Snake
Longevity, The Turtle
Trickster, The Coyote
Teacher, The Wolf
Leadership, The Mountain Lion
Builder, family values, The Beaver
Protection, The Fox
Aggressiveness, The Badger
Healing Powers, The Horse(Along with The Raven)
Provider of Rain during droughts, The Frog
Secures increase in Flocks, The Ram
Endurance, The Buffalo