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Lenora Gia

Lenora is the daughter of Ella Gia. She has done a good job of learning to make beautiful inlaid jewelry like her mother.

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Turtle Pin/Pendant by
Lenora Gia


Beautiful Turtle Pin/Pendant with inlaid Abablone,
Penn Shell, Mother of Pearl , and Turquoise.
Dimensions in inches are: 1 3\8 long, 1 wide, and 1\4 high.
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Ella Gia

Ella is excellent maker of inlaid jewelry! She like many Zuni crafts people, has another job. She works at the Zuni Headstart during the day, while following the making of jewelry at night.

Hummingbird Choker by
Ella Gia


Made of Sterling Silver, Penn Shell, White and Yellow
Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, and Abalone.
Signed: Ella Gia, Zuni.
Dimensions in inches to nearest 1/8:
Length from end ot end, unclasped, 21 1/2,
clasped and hanging, from clasps to bottom
of center hummbd., 11,
Center hummingbird with flower
1 1/4 high by 1 1/2 wide.
The other 2 birds are 1 1/8 wide by 1 1/4 high.
Center piece on choker is signed, Ella L Gia Zuni.
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Inlaid Pin/Pendant by
Sonny Wallace


Beautiful inlaid pin/pendant!
The pin is made of sterling silver with inlaid
malachite for the leaves, and mother
of pearl and coral for the flower.
There is one larger piece of coral in the
center of the flower. Radiating from that
are 5 silver lines running out through the
middle of each flower petal. at the end
of each silver line there is a smaller piece
of coral. There is detail carving on the malachite
leaves. On the back, there is the standard pin
with rotating clasp. At the very top, there
is a large silver loop, so you can pass a chain
through and wear the pin as a necklace.
(Chain not included) Engraved on the back,
S Wallace Zuni NM 99. Dimensions in inches
1 3/16 long, 1 1/4 wide, and 1/8 high.
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Inlaid Pin/Pendant by
Carnella Booqua


Inlaid Pin/Pendent is beautiful.
Has inlaid Turquoise, Jet, Coral,
and Mother of Pearl.
Sterling Silver Clasp.
Does not come with chain.
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Squash Blossom Necklace

Price: $600.00

1970's Period Navajo Squash Blossom Necklace. Beautiful color of Turquoise.
All handworked in Sterling Silver. Patina on silver left untouched.
Overall length from hook to eye is 25". Hanging length is 14".
Naja top to bottom is 2 1/4". Squash blossoms with Turq. approx. 1 3/4" long.
Scribed on the back of Naja "AOUZR".
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Inlaid Key Ring
Carnella booqua

Price: $31.00

Inlaid Keyring with Jet,
Mother of Pearl,
Turquoise, and Coral.
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Inlaid Lapis Turtle Pin/Pendent

Price: $41.00

This Sterling/ Lapis Turtle
Pendant/Pin is exquiste!
Has beautiful Lapis on its back.
The lapis is inlaid between silver.
Beautiful silver flowers around the edges.
Has Chaioo Zuni 3-3-99 on back.
Has loop for a chain .
Chain not included.
Dimensions in inches are:
1 1/2 long, 1 1/16 wide, and 1/2 wide.
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Inlaid Turtle Pin/Pendent
Lenora Gia

Price: $20.00

Marvelous Turtle Pin/Pendant with
inlaid Abalone, Penn Shell, and Turquoise.
Dimensions in inches are:
1 3\8 long, 1 wide, and 1\4 high.
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Inlaid Choker Pendent
S.D. Boone

Price: $100.00

Beautiful Sterling Silver Inlaid Choker/Pendant!
Inlaid with MOP, Turq., Jet, Coral.
Link chain with loop and clasp closure.
Matching pair of earrings, dangle post.
Dimensions are in inches:
Pendant 3 3/16 long, 1 3/8 high,17 3/4 from clasp to loop,
Hanging length 8 3/4 holding by clasp closed, to bottom of Pendant.
Earrings are 13/16 long, 1/2 wide,
from post to bottom of earring is 1 3/8.
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Inlaid Turquoise Earrings
Janie Si

Price: $30.00

Beautiful Earrings,
done in Sterling Silver and Turquoise by Janie Si.
From post to bottom measures 1 1/4", and 1/2" across the bottom.
These earrings were hand crafted in the Zuni Puelblo.
Please email for answers to any questions.

Mother of Pearl Maiden Pendant
Burt Awelagte

Price: $42.00

Mother of Pearl Maiden with Chinese Turquoise pot on head.
Inlay of turquoise and coral.
Carved designs on Mother of Pearl.
Dimensions in inches, to the nearest 1/8, are:
1/2 long, 7/8 wide, and 2 1/2 high to top of pendant loop.
Pendant does not come with a chain.
Please email for answers to any questions.
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