Zuni Pottery is as varied as the number of potters that reside in the Pueblo.

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Agnes Peynetsa

Agnes lives to the south side of the Pueblo with her husband, who helps her in her work. She does larger pieces, but we like the smaller ones she does, because they fit so well with the Fetish Carvings.

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Item Name:Pottery Water Canteen by Agnes Peynetsa


Lizard Pot by Agnes Peynetsa


Lizard Pot by Agnes Peynetsa


Frog Pot by Agnes Peynetsa


Double Frog Pot by Agnes Peynetsa


Frog Pot by Agnes Peynetsa

Price: SOLD

Pottery Bear
Wes Filca

Price: $33.00

Very nice pottery bear,
painted to simulate fur.
Has a heartline painted on both sides.
Dimensions in inches to nearest 1/8:
2 1/4 Long, 1 1/8 Wide, 1 1/4 High
Please email for answers to any questions.
Click for Picture2
Click for Picture3

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