On this page you will find some of the ultimate in carvings, to have come out of Zuni!!

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The Mystic Wall by
Herbert Him

Price: SOLD

This piece, is what Herbert Him calls his "Mystic Wall". I acquired this sculpture from Herbert,
almost 2 years ago. I have put off trying to sell it for several reasons,
not the least of which is, that I would not mind keeping it myself.
Also, I was not sure I could picture it in such a way as to show the full
beauty of the piece. I am not entirely happy with the pics,
but except for the close up of the Kokopelli, and the inability of the camera to
completely capture the 3 dimensional areas of the piece, I think they came out rather well.
The Kokopelli closeup shows the Picasso Marble to be a different shade than the full picture.
The full picture, shows the true color. I would like to try and sell this, but I also want to
share this with all the collectors out there that can't afford to buy a piece like this!
That is probably about 95% of us. Both the lizard and the Kokopelli are carved in recesses in the wall.
The lizard more so than the Kokopelli. The lizard has very fine detail carving for the scales,
but only on the right side. Herbert said he did this because he wanted the tan colored
vein that runs from the nose to the tail to not be obscured. It does provide a very
unusual contrast. The Kokopelli does not have a lot of detail carving, except for the hands,
the holes in the flute, and the belly button. What truly amazes me about this piece is
the amount ot fine detail on the bricks in the wall!! I would guess that he worked on this
off and on for days, maybe weeks, to get all the brick work done. On the narrow side that
has bricks, down low on the left, you will see a percussion fracture, that is shaped like an ear.
Herbert said he left that natural because it looked like there was an ear in the stone.
And he felt that the spirits could listen to the Kokopelli play.
Please let your friends know that this piece is here to look at! Dimensions in inches are:
front to back(not including Belgium marble base) 1 1/2, wide 3 3/4, high 8 1/2. Belgium marble base adds 3/4" to the height. This is carved from one piece of picasso marble(except for base)

Wolf with Lizard by
Staley Natewa

Price: SOLD

This is about as close as I have seen, to a live animal captured in stone.
Staley has carved this wolf, in a startled pose, looking back
at something behind it. The detail on the piece is amazing.
The Turquoise eyes are almond shaped instead of round. This I am sure
took some extra work to accompish. The wolf is perched above the rest of
the rock, on delicate legs, and the tail. Not able to leave well enough alone,
Staley added a small lizard to the mix! The lizard is perched on the rock,
at the very front of the wolf, next to the Wolf's head.
The Lizard appears to be quite comfortable, with it's tail draped over the Wolf's paw.
Dimensions in inches to nearest 1/8: 4 5/8 Long, 1 1/2 Wide, 1 1/2 High.
Crafted of Picasso Marble.
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